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New Launch Gift Boxes


So as I’m sure you might have seen, I’ve had a few things flying here and there over my social media channels for a few months now. They were sort of secretive but not so secretive that you might not be able to guess- especially those of you who have taken part in my research studies!


After much deliberation and bouncing around ideas I have decided:


Calming Moments Aromatherapy is branching out into gift boxes.


Now I know you are thinking ‘but Lucy, you offer gift boxes’


These won’t just be any gift boxes, they are special.


They are just like Calming Moments Aromatherapy; they stay true to my brand beliefs. That they contain natural, eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainably sourced, ethical, handmade products. Everything in the boxes will be sourced directly from mother earth. Just like I already do.


The difference is that I will be scouring the local social networks for small businesses just like mine, who fit my values and beliefs to ask them if I am able to purchase their products to put in your gift boxes. Therefore, an extra treat for you and to try out a new product and a great way for small business owners to support each other & showcase their amazing talents.


Each box will contain up to 6 items with at least 2 different small businesses being showcased each month.


I am aiming to theme my boxes, not necessarily by seasonal celebrational date i.e. Christmas but by seasons. What fragrances and flowers are out there in our wonderful natural mother earth at that time of year.


I am also not forgetting the health aspect of aromatherapy and each box will be looking at aspects such as the cold season & the hay fever season for example.


I am also going to showcase a range of products which will work in harmony to provide you with a complete ‘My Calming Moment’ experience. It will not just be a total relaxing pamper boxes we will be looking at blends which can be mood enhancing, motivating, uplifting, grounding & calming. Each box will also come with a handwritten note, inspirational quote & guidance on the box contents including why they were chosen.


The boxes will be limited edition with just 5 going out every month on preorder. They can be delivered directly to you, or direct to a loved one. I can also personalised cards inside etc to make it extra special. Each box will be put together in advance and ordered in advance and I’m afraid once they have gone they will have gone.


The review boxes I have sent out to 7 impartial social media bloggers to test, and they have provided anonymous feedback for me.


So far, the reviews have been incredible and I am blown away with the comments I have received and it has really proved attention to detail did matter after all. As did my careful curating and sourcing of products- it has been wonderful to share this journey with the small businesses I’m working with. I’ve had a few tweaks hear & there and now I am satisfied the box will be excellent value for money!


I’m so excited to share them with you! They can be ordered directly through me, via messenger, email or I will list them on the website. However, they won’t show the content for the coming month, but I will be giving sneaky snippets out if you keep your eyes peeled!!


Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know every month!


They will go out on pre order, so I am taking pre orders from today and the box will be ready to be posted out the 15th of the following month.


Therefore my 5 boxes for pre order now will be shipped on the 15th of November

Im not planning to increase the number at present im afraid!


The first 5 boxes that are due to go out this month will receive an extra special Calming Moments Aromatherapy gift due to this very exciting launch!


I am soooooo excited to share these with you, and can’t wait to see you share your pictures with me as well as hearing your feedback.


Don’t forget, any of our purchases can be shared with feedback on social media with the following hashtag : #Mycalmingmoment.


I do love seeing your reactions, and love for the products mother earth has helped me create for you all.


With love, as always


Lucy Xx











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